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How Do We "See" History?

Automotive Frontier 

Good Roads & Affordable Cars  

See History in New Ways

Urban Sprawl

Growing Beyond the Map 

If you know where to look, you will see history throughout the Fox Valley. The past shapes our communities and affects how we connect to one another.

Clues to this history are found on maps and in photographs. But looks can be deceiving. Every piece of this historical “evidence” represents a unique perspective. Mapmakers and photographers choose what to focus on. Their decisions impact what viewers see…and what is left unseen.    

We must look at our history from multiple perspectives to understand the past. Maps and photographs, like artifacts and archives, take on new meanings when viewed in different ways. Diverse vantagepoints allow us to reconstruct a more complete picture.  
As our past comes into focus so does the present. Changing perspectives helps us see history all around us. History influences where we live, how we travel, and what is visible in the Fox Valley today.

Know Before You Go

The Perspectives exhibition consists of 10 unique chapters. Each chapter uses historic maps and images to represent local history in diverse ways.  Seeing history from multiple perspectives does not change the past, but it can alter our understanding of the present. 



Exhibition Highlights 

Indigenous North America

Native Nations on Native Lands

Thank You Sponsors 

Mapping A New Nation

Creating the United States

Making a City

Putting Appleton on the Map  

Insuring Success

Urban Living and the Risk of Fire  

Work & Pleasure  

Navigating the Fox River   

Dividing Lines

Surveys & Reservations 

Seeing History From Multiple Perspectives 

Making a Complete Picture 

  • Historic Maps and Photographs
  • Vintage Model T Ford
  • Photography by Graham Images