Tuesday - Sunday

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

330 E. College Ave., Appleton, WI


Black History Bus Tour 

Bring you class on a bus tour of historical sites associated with Appleton's historic black community and the Civil Rights Era.

Recommended for grades 5-12.

​See brochure for more details.

School Days 

These interactive field trips are held every May and October on the grounds of the Grignon Mansion in Kaukauna. Be sure to register early as spots fill quickly. Contact Curator Emily Rock at emily@myhistorymuseum.org.

Wisconsin's First People  

$40 / class presentation

Presented by Museum staff and volunteers in your classroom, this program covers the history and culture of Wisconsin’s Native American tribes.

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

Recommended for grades 2-5

Re-Discovering Historical Memory

$40 / class presentation

This in-class program gives students an introduction to primary sources, focusing on the memories of local older adults. The Museum provides a variety of sources for students to investigate, and then use to write a short research essay about a topic in Wisconsin history.

Program Length: 1 hour

Recommended for grade 4

Native American History Traveling Trunks

Free rental for classrooms!

The museum comes to you! Educators can borrow a traveling trunk for use in their classroom that includes books, maps, teaching artifacts and curriculum guides about Native American culture and history.

Recommended for grades 2-5

In the Classroom

Joint Field Trips

On-Site Programs

The Museum offers fun-filled, learning experiences for students from grades 2 to 12. Our field trips align with state learning standards. Public schools, private schools, homeschool groups, day cares, scout groups, and summer camps may schedule group visits.

Reservations are necessary for all programs and must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Each visit costs $3.50 per student. This rate includes access to all exhibits and one guided program (listed below). Each additional guided program costs $.50 per student. 

One chaperon for every 8 students is required and admitted free of charge. Each adult exceeding this ratio will be charged an adult group admission ($5.50).  The Museum does offer a space to have lunch for an additional charge of $20 for our smaller room (up to 40 people) or $35 for our larger room. This option must be requested when making your reservation, and is based on room availability.

Please contact Curator Emily Rock at emily@myhistorymuseum.org for more information and to schedule a program.

School and Youth Programs

Special Offerings

Scout Programs

The Museum offers Scout Clinics designed as self-directed activities that rely upon the Character Connections values of responsibility, respect, and cooperation.  Download the program guide for dates and activites.

$8.00 / Scout

Historic Appleton Adventure Bus Tour

Guided by Museum staff, this bus tour takes students through the City of Appleton, highlighting points of local history. The tour includes a visit to the Museum’s exhibits and Hearthstone Historic House Museum.

Recommended for grade 2-4

$6.50-$7.50 per student

Download the History Bus Tour program flyer for more information on scheduling and program length.

Museum Tour 

Led by teachers and chaperons, students experience a self-guided tour of the Museum’s current exhibits. Using exploration activity sheets, we encourage groups to discover our exhibits at their own pace.

Recommended for any grade (The Museum can provide activity sheets geared toward different age groups).

Hometown Houdini

Students take a guided tour through our AKA Houdini exhibit, discovering fun facts about Houdini’s career, family, and childhood in Appleton.  Feel free to download our curriculum guide for use in the classroom.

Program Length: tour is about half an hour, any remaining time can be spent exploring the exhibit.

Recommended for grades 2-5

Discovering Primary Sources

Students engage with primary sources and learn how they can be found and used. Take a behind the scenes look at our collections storage and archives, and discover the resources available here at the History Museum.

Program length: About 1.5 hours

Recommended for grades 6-12

Asylum: Out of the Shadows Exhibit Tour

​Students receive a short guided tour of the exhibit and engage in a discussion about the themes of the exhibit. See here for more info about the exhibit.

​Program Length: About 1 hour

​Recommended for grades 6-12 and college level

Behind the Scenes Tour

Students get a chance to see the Museum’s collections storage rooms—usually off-limits to visitors—and learn what the Museum collects and how we preserve the artifacts that we use in our exhibits.

Program Length: About half an hour.

​Content can be adjusted to fit any age group, grades 2-12.

Cemetery Tours

Discover Appleton's history on a guided tour of Riverside Cemetery. Choose between two tour themes:

​"Stories in the Stones" covers prominent Appleton citizens, and "Appleton's Early African American Community" covers the history of the area's first Black families.

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

​Recommended for grades 6-12

Off-Site Programs

Science of Magic

In partnership with the Building for Kids Children's Museum

​Explore science in a whole new way with this two-part field trip. Learn that many of the mysteries behind magic illustrate concepts of optical illusion and the properties of air pressure at The History Museum at the Castle. Then, at The Building for Kids, students will discover the properties of matter and how they can transform. NGSS: 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-3 Wisconsin Academic Standards for Science: C.4.2, D.4.4, D.4.8, G.4.1

​Recommended for grades 2-4

​TO REGISTER visit the Building for Kid's website.