Tools of Change

Examine the tools, the work and everyday life in the Fox Valley region from 1840 to 1950. See the bank in Nichols that was robbed and a Model T Ford in a vintage gas station. 

​Edna Ferber

Spend a few moments with Edna Ferber and enjoy her wit and perspectives on growing up in a small Midwestern town. Ferber won the Pulitzer Prize for So Big and was also the author of Cimarron, Showboat and Giant

Why McCarthy?

Senator Joseph McCarthy, born and raised in the Appleton area, went on to become the figure-head of anti-communist persecutions in the 1950s.  Watch videos about McCarthy's life and his bust that was once displayed in the Outagamie County Courthouse.

AKA Houdini lets you experience some of Harry Houdini's tricks of the trade through hands-on activities. It is great fun for the whole family! 

The exhibit and artifacts have appeared on the Discovery Channel, A&E, BBC, Travel Channel, Wisconsin Public Television, and TLC.  Visitors from all 50 of the United States, and from more than 35 foreign countries, have experienced the exhibit.the exhibit.  

See why the world renowned magician called Appleton his hometown.

Explore the origins of the area's most iconic food traditions, including fish fries, brandy old fashioneds, frozen custard, lager beer and sausages. Spear a sturgeon in a full size ice fishing shanty using virtual technology.  Add mention of your favorite food traditions.

Donate a non-perishable food item for St. Joseph’s Food Pantry and receive 10% off Museum admission.


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