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June 6, 2017

Dear Friend,

Are you proud that the Fox Cities has a museum where you can grapple with complex issues such as: homelessness, racial inequality, and the treatment and marginalization of the mentally ill? Let’s face it, the world can be a challenging and confusing place. We can either choose to engage or hide in fear. History Museum at the Castle supporters are not inclined to hide their heads in the sand! 

​The History Museum exists to help the people of the Fox Cities and beyond put the pieces together and make sense of a changing and challenging world.  Sobering? Maybe, but the stories we tell are far from preachy. Through a recent exhibit, “invisible” homeless people were recognized and given a voice. Important contributions to our city by African-Americans came to light in A Stone of Hope, and we are making a step toward de-stigmatizing community conversations about mental illness through the Asylum exhibition. With your support, we are a successful organization that makes history matter.

​​Our passionate staff and volunteers are skillful at engaging people of varied interests and ages. I am thrilled to report that last year the History Museum served over 5,006 students. We made meaningful local history connections for more than 32,621 people in 2016. That beats our five-year average by 14%. In 2016, we partnered with 175 community schools, businesses and non-profit organizations to offer 177 events and programs. More than 164 community members from age 14 to 90 contributed 4,940 volunteer hours. These are extraordinary and encouraging statistics. Beyond these impressive numbers our Spring and Winter fund appeals exceeded our goal by 95%!

We have counted on your support to fulfill our important mission, and you have not let us down. We are grateful for this support and work hard to get the most from every dollar. Through your generous gifts we have been able to bring innovative and relevant local history programs to people of all ages. Can we count on your support this year?

Thank you for your interest in local history. We hope to see you at the Castle soon!

Best regards,

Matt Carpenter

Executive Director




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