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Bridging the GAP Years, 1969-2019 explores growing divisions in American society. Over the past 50 years political polarization, wealth inequality, and feelings of social isolation have increased while our collective empathy has declined. Bridging the GAP Years presents that data and challenges citizens to creatively address those issues. Most importantly, the exhibit provides space for visitors to congregate, reflect, and engage with one another.

Bridging the GAP Years features easy-to-read graphs that demonstrate political, economic, and social gaps that have formed. The exhibit’s design provides brief reference points for historical context and Living Room Conversations, a simple and sociable format, which encourages discussion and understanding.

The goal of Bridging the GAP Years is to inspire a greater sense of community cohesion by highlighting the historical context for what presently divides us. With your help we can begin bridging the gap and restore our faith in each other.

The Bridging the GAP exhibit is available to area schools, businesses, and organizations free of charge. The exhibit consists of four pop-up displays, each 92" w x 89.5" h x 12.25" d, an introductory panel, and Living Room Conversations to help guide discussion. The Museum encourages host institutions to pair the exhibit with a program, event, or speaker. If you are interested in hosting Bridging the GAP, please contact Chief Curator Dustin Mack at